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changing root meta descriptions for "/" and "/collections'"

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Appears that the meta descriptions for "/" and "/collections/" are pulled from "Online Store->Preferences->"Homepage Meta Descriptions".  I couldn't seem to find a place to change the meta for "/collections/" only.  If there isn't a settings is this something that could/should be done through liquid?

Many thanks,



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Hey, Darren!

Savannah here from Shopify. 🙂 

Absolutely. You can change the meta information for each collection on it's individual collection page. In order to do that, you'll just need to navigate to Products>Collections and click on the specific collection that you'd like to edit. Once you've done that, select the "Edit Website SEO" at the bottom of the page and the meta information will appear. 

Are you hoping to change or remove the 'collections' handle altogether? If so, unfortunately that's not possible at this time. 

Let me know if you have any further questions!

Savannah | Social Care

Savannah | Shopify 
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Hi Darren8,


Were you able to find this out? I am having the same trouble trying to change the meta description for "/collections/" only.

I am able to find where to change the meta description for specific collections, but not collections itself. Right now the meta description for /collections/ is the same one as the homepage, which gives me errors in my seo reports.



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@kamaria did you find a solution? I am also experiencing this issue.

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Hi Savannha,

Do you know how we would go about editing the meta description for the /collections/ page?

This is not the same as changing the description for a user created Collection.


Many Thanks


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Hi everyone.

I am having the same issue. Has anybody discovered a way to edit the /collection page?

As mentioned before, it is not the individual owner made collection pages (eg: collections/men's clothes) which need meta data editing. Rather the entire collections page (www.21dwdesign/collections).

It REALLY needs fixing for SEO purposes.

Many thanks.



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We are having the exact same issue, have you found a way to solve it?

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This can be achieved by editing the theme.liquid file. I recommend creating a backup first.

If your code looks different you'll need to adapt the code accordingly. You may need to change the template name as well if your theme is using something else. Leave off the .liquid part.


Change this:

  {% if page_description %}
     <meta name="description" content="{{ page_description | escape }}">
  {% endif %}



To this:

  {% if page_description %}
      {% if template == 'collection-list' %}
          <meta name="description" content="YOUR META DESCRIPTION HERE.">
      {% else %}
          <meta name="description" content="{{ page_description | escape }}">
      {% endif %}
  {% endif %}