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Churn Management, Retention and Maximising Profits

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Hey there,

We’re Marax - a startup full of data scientists working with e-commerce stores from around the world to help them increase their revenues and boost their profits. Our clients are seeing great results with sales up by a whopping 115% and returning customers up by 8%. 

Did you know that a repeat customer is 3X more valuable to you than a new one? We get that you’re working hard on making, sourcing and selling those beautiful products and we want to make life easier. 

So how does this work?

We make this happen by sending out weekly email alerts to you with a list of your loyal customers who might not have shopped from you recently. Our systems automatically highlight those customers that need that slight nudge to keep buying from you.

And just for now, we’re providing this service free of cost. We’re hoping you’re going to love it and tell all your shopify friends about it.

To increase your sales and boost your revenues and profits, then please use the link below to sign up and somebody from our team will get in touch with you to get things started.

Happy Selling! 🙂

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