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Hi there! My Google Ads account was suspended as a result of Circumventing Systems policy violation in July. I've been working on the website since March and have put every effort into it together with a highly valued Indian company, who are known to do well on social media marketing, Google Ads en and SEO.

I run a drop shipping webshop and sell jewelry, (tech) accessories and bags from third parties (this is clearly stated everywhere on the site!). I'm at a complete loss as to what we did wrong.  After reading all the policies, trying to connect with someone from Google, I still have no idea what went wrong. 

I'm hoping someone in this community can give us some direction... after reading through all of these threads and google forums, here are a couple of our 'best guess' ideas we have about possibly WHY we may have been suspended. Any guesses?

1) Drop shipping websites are not allowed.

2) In The Robots.txt we deny the googlebot (-> '# Google adsbot ignores robots.txt unless specifically named!') access to a large part of the website. However, this is a standard coding of every Shopify webstore. 

3) I run my business from The Netherlands, but ship & sell domestically in the US. 

4) We had a consultant from India setting the Google Ads account up. Would the fact that we had an Indian company set up the account (under their manager account) cause a problem?  India, NL, US..

Thank you guys!

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