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Hi all,


I'm wondering if anyone else has had any issues with a google ads suspension for circumventing systems within the last month? We were suspended a the end of the last month and have been tirelessly auditing our ad account and website to try fix issues that may have triggered this suspension but we've had no success. Wondering if anyone's in the same boat or has a contact at google that would be able to help us? We have been contacting google ads support but seem to only be getting automated or no response back from tickets..

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I understand how difficult it is to deal with suspensions, especially considering the limited online information availability. 


Circumventing is considered an ‘egregious’ violation, i.e., they consider it to be unlawful enough to immediately suspend your account without warning (in some cases). This also implies that you have the bare minimum information about your suspension. 

Keep this checklist in mind when conducting a detailed audit of your website: 

  1. Ensure that only a single Google ads account is being used for your business. 
  2. Conduct a thorough analysis of the information available about your business online and report any unauthorized website or person pretending to be you. Doing this can help remove these impersonators and reinstate your account. 
  3. Check your website's links/landing pages to see whether they lead to the right pages. Specifically, look for redirects to malicious websites (it is possible that a hacker might have taken over certain pages on your website).
  4. If you are using a dynamic DNS to modify content for ads or website pages, stop immediately. 
  5. Circumventing also includes anything that Google considers an ‘abuse of ads network.’ This includes restricting Google's access to pages that users might be able to see, using “synonyms” to avoid violating the “sexual content” policy, and other small details that Google might view as you trying to “trick” them. Do your best to negate these as these are smaller details that might get overlooked but can also be potential problem sources. 


If reaching out to Google Ads support didn’t work, I suggest you reach out to a third-party agency or an experienced professional. Circumventing is one of the harder issues to resolve, as a vast number of violations fall under it. 


Lastly, I suggest you thoroughly document every step you take. Make detailed reports and submit them when applying for an appeal. 

I hope this helps. Reach out to me if you have any other questions!

Bhakti Shah | Content Writer@ AdNabu

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Yes, I have this with one of my businesses. Submitted appeals multiple times with no resolution. They are even rejecting my business verification now - I have a corporation in Canada with all the paperwork. Google is not helpful in any way. I even posted a Twitter with the whole story to get Google's attention and nobody cared. It's a monopoly.