Click Funnels & Shopify: Proper Tracking

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Hi; We just joined and are planning to use click funnels integrated with Shopify. My concern is proper tracking. We need to track traffic and flow all the way through our site. I'm worried that if the pixel is installed on both Shopify and click funnels that we will start to get "duplicate" data or inconsistent data. Does anyone know?

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I just integrated a funnel with shopify. How is it going? any answers for this question? Are you using Amazon as fulfillment? 

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For pixel tracking, I recommend using the same pixels on shopify and clickfunnels.

You should not get any duplicate data or inconsistent data issues, as long as the "Purchase" event isn't happening on both Shopify and Clickfunnels.

The best way to connect Clickfunnels and Shopify is to use app.

App here 👇

Then once you have shopfunnel installed, just send your web traffic to your CF sales page > CF upsells > CF thank you page.

And will send the orders to shopify, and allows to customize your integration settings like "use shopify order emails" and "merge all clickfunnel upsells into one shopify order" and much more.

Hope that helps!

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Hello @DianaL  I have used CF for years in other applications.  I just started Shopify last month and it seemed the integration with CF was terrible so I stopped trying. Now I am finding out about the Shopfunnel app which I did not know about. So if I just delete the integration in CF with Shopify, and use the Shopfunnel app, it will work better? Do you use any other apps with CF like ProTools or any other ones?  Thanks. 

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Hey Shopify and Clickfunnel Hackers 🙂 Hope you are doing well so far. 

I want to work with my Shopify store through clickfunnels aswell but in Germany (where I want to start) the payment methods are more via Klarna and not through creditcard. The most Germans don’t have a creditcard. 

but Klara support is not yet available on CF so that’s the reason I want to link the checkout page from Shopify through a buy button which I link from CF to Shopify. 
but my problem is that then the sales are not been tracked on CF. 

so my question is, how can I manage the tracking so I can go for my 2 comma award? 😄


best regards and stay healthy 🙏