Co-advertising platform for independent brands/stores

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To my fellow entrepreneurs,

As an independent store owner myself, I realized how much influencer campaigns were necessary and yet expensive. Naturally, this created an obstacle for me.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, I decided to tackle this problem in a novel way and recently launched a beta version of a platform that harnesses the power of co-advertising.

Essentially, the platform allows advertisers (you!) to connect with each other on the basis of numerous campaign variables (products, values, demographics, etc.), in order to run a collaborative influencer ad campaign.

The advantages of co-advertising are numerous but mainly sharing creative and financial resources without sacrificing on the quality and execution of your next influencer campaign.

It's a beta site but officially open for business as of now. And it's free for advertisers.

Hope to see you on I welcome your comments and I wish you nothing but success!

Passionately, the founder of

PS: you can send me an email through the site!

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