Collecting Emails, need some bait.

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Evening all,

I run a smart attire shop for men on my shopify, I need to think of a marketing freebie to get peoples email addresses but am stuck for ideas to get people to subscribe.

Based on what I'm selling, do you have any suggestions?


Thanks in advance,


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Maybe see if you can find some inexpensive accessory, like cuff links, tie tack, pocket handkerchief etc  to offer as a gift for signing up.

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Hi @WhiteLionDesign !


Awesome website, congrats. 


In terms of converting popups you should give a try exit intent popups which appear on certain pages or with certain behaviours like cart page or after scrolling/browsing for more than 1+ mins. 


You don't have to give a freebie, you can give a reasonable discount and they will convert as they are visitors more interested to your products. 


You should also leverage Facebook ads lead campaigns. You can get leads with 1$-2$ by running a high value giveaway. 


Last, an idea could be to run a weekly giveaway for something cheap and ask for the email.


Hope this helps.