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Collection SEO title adding site title on to the end for only one collections page

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The SEO title for this collection:

is tacking on the site title to the end of the SEO collections title.

"Fidobiotics/Meowbiotics | Healthy Pet Probiotics for Your Dog or Cat - King Duke's"

This is pushing it over the 70 character limit. I've checked the SEO title and meta description in the backend of shopify and it's not showing the "- King Duke's" there. All of my other collections titles appear to be fine. It's just this one that is automatically tacking on the "- King Duke's".

Is this something that needs to be edited in the theme.liquid, collections.liquid, or collection-template.liquid???

Generally stumped on this one.


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, @In2itiveDigital!


I'm glad to hear that you have been heavily infested in the SEO features of your store and I think you have a great question.


By default the shop name will appear at the end of your page titles if your shop name is not already included in your page title, when modifying your SEO for that particular product. If you go into your theme.liquid template under Themes > Actions > Edit Code and there will be a string of code that mentions it will automatically add your shop's name into the page title if it is not in there already.


On my own store, for the Debut theme, the string of code looks like this:


If King's Duke is included after changing the SEO title on the product's page, then King's Duke won't be added to the end of the page title. If it isn't in the SEO page title already, then King's Duke would be included. There is also another forum post that covers this, here: How can I remove my store name from page titles?


Are you looking to remove this from your store? If that is the case, this is something I may not suggest as it does tell search engine's more about the content before someone clicks on the link in the search engine results to enter your store. You can learn more about optimizing your store's SEO, here


Let me know if that helps!

Tira | Social Care @ Shopify 
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