Collections vs collections/all with a tag in the header

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I have a specific Q, and went through the search here, but ended up with so many various results.
this is the deal: (and I hope someone has a clear answer!) 


Lets say you have
A product and is tagged with XXX

So that product would show up in the URL under

As that product does not belong to a collection made in Shopify.


Now when I check the header it shows up in the header of the browser and in SERPS as :

PRODUCTS - tagged "XXX" - 


I really wonder what the consequences are, and what I should do with it.

Either make all sorts of collections for EVERY TAG USED?? --  so it shows up under with a proper editable header for SERPS or keep using the with the PRODUCTS - tagged "XXX" -  ?


I do not know if it makes sense, but I am sure some have seen it.

As I am trying to optimise content and navigation after looking through Screaming Frog and Search Console that this is one of my major concerns. 


I hope someone can give me the answer ! and / or advice what to do?
Now I can still rectify the mistakes in early stage. 


Thanks in advance!



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