color of email on dark mode of phone is different from light mode

color of email on dark mode of phone is different from light mode

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whenever i try to create an email for my online store, i want the colors of the email to be on theme. so when i send the test email to make sure everything is looking good, the coloring of the email is different when it comes to dark and light mode on the phone and laptop. how do i fix this? i receive emails from shops that also use Shopify emails, and i never have a problem with using dark mode on their emails. is this even something i can fix? thank you!


photos of dark vs light mode are attached below!

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Hi @graceames,


You can check this steps to add color on your emails : 

- Go on email notifications you need to change 


Click customize on code : 




After access to the Customize email templates area, where you can edit certain forms of notification emails to send to your customers, look at the right side.

There is a small box with the Logo and Color options.




Click on the colored rectangle next to Accent color and a color-gradient box will appear to help you select your desired one.


I hope this helps.


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@AvadaCommercewell explained

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Were you able to solve this? The explanation below is not helpful and does not answer the question. It's not a problem of viewing the email yourself, but how the rest of the world sees your Shopify built emails. (Inverted) 

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I have the same problem,  colours in dark mode on my phone look all wrong.  Have you found a solution to this issue?