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Combo Products (Bundle as Product) are now available on Shopify

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Hey all,

I wanted to let you know that know you can finally create Combo Products (Bundles as products) on Shopify and add them to your collections as regular products with PickyStory?

What's new?

Merchants are interested in selling products together as a combo product on a dedicated product page. This allows you to combine several products together as one and increase your revenue from every sale in your store. Instead of selling individual products, you can sell several products together as a combo.

What about the inventory?

PickyStory automatically syncs your inventory on an individual product basis.


Combo Products replicate your product pages, they look exactly like your regular product pages. In addition, you can customize the font, button colors, and shape.






Where do I get it?

Just add the PickyStory app to your store and create unlimited bundles.


Feel free to reach out through the app's chat, at or DM me.


Alex Green | PickyStory
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