Connecting 1/2 pixels + conversion API's under 1 facebook page

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Hi everyone. Our brand wants to expand into different markets, and we'd like to have different stores for each market. for example, an EU market, a US market, etc., and each market will have its own Shopify store.

We'd like to connect the same pixel + conversion API for the stores (if possible, if not, that'll work too), as well as the same page (if needed). However, facebook only lets you connect one page per store. 

We're looking for solutions on how we can make it happen. Here's what we already thought of:

1. Installing an app that allows you to integrate pixels in it, however, you can't connect the conversion API to these apps, which is the most important thing.

2. Staying in the same store, and enabling the "Markets" feature, and setting up different domains for each market. However, we have images and videos with text that can't be replaced using "Markets", we also use a page builder, so it won't work.

3. What we thought of doing but haven't tried yet: is to create a random facebook page under the same business manager, just so we can complete the facebook sales channel integration (which includes pixel and conversion API), and then drive traffic to the store using ads from the main facebook page and not from the random facebook page connected to that 2nd store.

If there are any better solutions to it, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

To summarize, our goal is to connect pixel + conversion API + the same facebook page (if possible / needed) to 2 stores that sell the same products for different markets with different domains.

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