Connecting a Facebook+Instagram page to multiple Shopify accounts

Connecting a Facebook+Instagram page to multiple Shopify accounts

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Our business has separate website domains for stores on different continents.


I have created separate business manager and ad accounts for each continent but cannot link our Facebook+Instagram pages to our second domain, as I get the below error:


Screenshot 2022-04-01 at 17.23.52.png


Please can I be referred to a guide on how to setup Facebook assets for a business with a single Facebook+Instagram page but separate Shopify domains(pricing, shipping, stock - all differ in different markets/domains) ?

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Hi there. You do not need to have separate business managers for different continents. You can use different ad accounts and different domains. 


However, put all your assets under one business manager so that you do not get this error.


After that, you can create multiple lines of business (in the business manager settings you will see lines of business ) if you want to have a good account structure (this is optional).


We got 3 Shopify websites for different continents and we only use 1 BM with 3 different pages, IG accounts and pixels.


If you need some help PM me.

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It is just the issue with the access, connect it using the admin account has all the permissions.

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