connecting Facebook pixel in events manager and Instagram shop eligibility

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I'm having a problem connecting my Instagram shop. Have you ever had this problem? this is what's stopping me from connecting my pixel on Facebook
I've already contacted Shopify and they said that problem is out of their control, I really don't know what to do this is proving very hard, I didn't think setting up a Instagram was important.
in my events manager, I am stuck on the stage where I have to verify that my pixel is working correctly and I can't get passed that stage as my Instagram shop does not want to connect. Has anyone ever had this problem?
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Hi @Naylicious ,


these are the neccessary steps to connect your instagram:


1. Integrate the pixel in your Shopify-shop. Here is a detailed explanation on how to do that.

2. Type in the URL of your Shopify-shop in the form on your screenshot and click "Send test traffic"

3. Wait a few minutes until meta can confirm that the pixel is installed on your page.


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I've already done all these steps , I'm having a problem setting up Instagram shopping that is stopping me from completing this whole step up