Considering moving from woocommerce to Shopify,

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I have a website I like the look of, find the functionality of a punish, and have been told by my dev needs rebuilding. I did most of the work on it with elementor. I pumped goodness knows how many hours into it and it works but has problems. You can check it out I want something that I don’t need a dev for every little thing. I want to be able to quickly edit things, add functionality etc and just have something that makes sense. Woocommerce has not been that for me. 

if Shopify does everything my current site does (product subscriptions is a must) and is simpler, I’m sold. But I’m going to need to be sold because I’m not just going to start with a new platform and find myself in the same dilemma I’m in now. 

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Hi @Lukehawkins 


I totally understand where you are coming from. It can certainly be daunting to move to a new platform, especially if the one you are on now is working OK for you. I had a look at that store you linked, and it looks nice. I can see that you have put time and effort into it. If you aren't familiar with Shopify, we have an introduction page here that would be a good starting point to learn more. 


It is actually quite common to see merchants move from the likes of Woocommerce across to Shopify. We have a handy guide on migration here that I would suggest reading, as it will give you a good idea of what is involved. There's also a free Store Importer app that you can use to make the process of transferring/importing data much easier. 


Shopify is designed to be user friendly, and easy to get setup and running. Once you choose a theme that you like the look of, you can begin work on customising it to your liking. This is done through an easy to use Theme Editor, and doesn't generally require any developer input for most things unless you feel the need for professional help. If you did need help, Shopify Support are here 24/7 to point you in the right direction. For anything beyond what we can assist with, we have Shopify Experts where you can browse and hire expert freelancers for various jobs.


You mentioned that subscriptions are a must, and I can see that you have them implemented on your current store. You can indeed sell product subscriptions on Shopify by installing one of these subscription apps. We have some helpful documentation on this here that you can check out. 


You mentioned about being able to quickly edit things and add functionality etc. If you can give me some examples of things you would regularly need to do, I can advise ways that you might be able to implement them on Shopify. 


Rick | Shopify 
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