Conversion Tag Unverified

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I have am new at shopify and have a new store setup.

I am using Supply Theme. We have already linked Google Analytics.

Moving ahead we created and started few campaigns on Google Ads. We created the conversion tag to track the results for same but it has been showing unverified even though we are seeing sales on our panel though organic yet the tag is "unverified".

Please find the necessary details of tag we copied on our Shopify Panel and Theme

1. Global Tag - I copied the Global Site Tag to theme.liquid as shown below

Note we have marked last 4 digits with * for help purposeNote we have marked last 4 digits with * for help purpose

2. We copied snippet tag to Settings>Checkout>Additional Scripts as shown belowSnippet Tag.png





This was done after we setup Google Analytics.

1. Was I not suppose to add Global Tag since we have Analytics?

2. If not, Have I made any error at Adding these Tags?

3. Please find SS of Conversion Page of Google Ads if it helps in any doubts that occur.

Google Ads Conversion Page.png


Kindly Let me know if you can understand what error is occuring tag to be still "Unverified"

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Dear niraj1705,

Better to use Google tag manager.

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Apparently Shopify Basic does not allow GTM in order processing pages. I added GTM Scripts to themes.liquid as well as Setting>Checkout>Additional Scripts. I could see GTM active on all pages except cart page and order processing pages.

We contacted Shopify support to add manually and they said the do not currently support GTM for Order Processing Pages.

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Hi @niraj1705 ,

As mentioned here it the easier most convenient way to implement your conversion and tracking pixel is by Google Tag Manager. I also recommend you to get the Google Tag Assistant chrome extension, to make sure your tags are all set.


Nevertheless, I would recommend you to use an app like AdScale to run your Google Search & Shopping campaigns.. It uses AI to automatically create and optimize your ads on Google. It also updates your audience targeting and constantly improves as more data is collected. When you install the app, it implements the pixels automatically and ensure they work correctly, 


You can see how it works in this video:

AdScale is the best way to advertise on Facebook & Google because we use the power of your store data (that they don’t have) to run highly targeted ads and get an average ROAS of 10X.
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Hi niraj1705, We have same issue, have you solved this problem?
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I think I figured it out. The Checkout pages don't load the theme.liquid file - even though the tutorials all say they do!


If you have a completed order, you can visit the order in your Admin panel, click More Actions and choose "View order status page". This will take you to that order's specific thank you page, which is where the conversion code should be inserted.


If you have Google Tag Assistant installed, you'll probably see an error for the missing Global g-tag script. This is because the theme.liquid <head> is not included on this page! 


I solved this by including both the Global tag and the snippet in the Checkout > Additional Scripts area, so it never is without its dependency.


I hope this helps you out!

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I understand this is an old post, but hopefully you're still here!

I'm currently having the same problem, in that my conversion tag still shows as "unverified".

Would you be able to screenshot your Checkout>Additional Scripts area? Obviously with your Tag number redacted!

Thanks in advance!