Conversion Tracking Not Working For Google Ads

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I've been trying to get my conversion tracking setup correctly for Google Ads but I'm having trouble. For some reason when previewing my website through Google's Tag Assistant certain events like checkout and purchase aren't being picked up. 


As you can see the checkout event within Tag Assistant is crossed out and says that the Google Tag is not found. However, I've already gone ahead and added the code from Google Tag Manager to the header, body, and order status page of my website. I feel like this might be an issue related to the "dataLayer" code but I don't know. This is all really confusing and not as simple to setup as Facebook Ads.


I feel like this has something to do with the Conversion Value portion of the entire setup but I'm not sure what to put if nothing is being picked up... The only event that seems to be firing correctly is the Add To Cart event but even then it only shows up firing when I connect the Google & Youtube App to my shopify store. I set that up using Google Tag Manager. 


As you can see there is "dataLayer" code being shown within the API call but when you click Checkout beneath the summary nothing comes up. This is the same for purchase too.

This only shows when I have the shopify Google & Youtube channel app installed on my store, without that my conversion events do not fire. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

The Google Tag Manager code is installed correctly (right after the <head> and right after the <body> and I put the head tag within the order status section within checkout settings)

I've seen people place a separate piece of code within the order status page containing the purchase event but I don't know where to get that for my store.


What am I supposed to do to get all of my events to fire correctly on my store? And is the Google & Youtube App required? Where do I find the purchase event code for the order status page? Why is my Tag not tracking?

I recorded this short GIF to show you what I see when events are firing with Google & YouTube App installed: 

Something I noticed is that the Add To Carthas a "dataLayer" but the Purchase and Begin Checkout have a "gtag" when checking the API calls. Is this the culprit? If so, how do I set this up?



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GTM does show in the checkout process unless you subscribe to the Advanced plan. The good news is you can still use GTM to track your Google Ads conversions, you just lose visibility during the checkout process. But the purchase info is still in the data layer and can be pulled out after they get to the thank you page.

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Hi there. So, the way I see this, it appears that your conversion tracking might not be working due to the incorrect setup of the dataLayer code. Make sure it is configured properly. 


When checkout and purchase events aren’t being picked up, it often relates to how the dataLayer code and GTM tags are set up on your website. Use GTM's Preview Tool to understand which and why tags aren’t firing. 


For Shopify sites, it’s important to put the GTM code in the header. Also, use Shopify's additional checkout scripts for tracking purchase events. And lastly, make sure your dataLayer code for purchases is scripted and triggered after successful transactions.


And as you asked, if the Google and YouTube (sales channel) app is required, I’d say go for a more specialized solution.


One example is Nabu Tracking For Google Ads. It offers a simple 1-click installation setup of Google Ads Conversion pixel, removing the need for manual coding. This ensures your tracking is accurate and up-to-date and avoids common pitfalls such as duplicate conversions or missing values. Plus, you also get the benefit of post-purchase and add-to-cart tracking. 


I hope this helps you! 

Sanjna Lal | Content Marketing Manager @ AdNabu

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