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Conversion tracking with google analytics for draft orders

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I have the following problem.


The client is tracking everything with google analytics and it all works fine except for one case. There is a type of a product for which inquiry has to be made and at a later point they create a draft order and customer pays the invoice. So what happens is customer lands on their website from google ads or facebook ads, make an inquiry and pay the invoice later on they will see this as a direct sale and not the sale coming from payed ad.


What would be the best way to deal with this? Because they did made the sale thanks to the ads but it is not clearly visible in the report.



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Dear kirba,


Hope Google tag manager will help you.

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Looking for a similar fix, a customer places a large draft order and before paying clicks a Google or Social Ad -- Analytics is attributing the sale to that Source/Medium instead of draft order.

Can you be more specific on how to set up Google Tag Manager to address this situation? 

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Did you ever find a successful way correctly attribute the sale to google ads?