Create 301 SEO, will the SEO ranking be maintained?

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When migrating data from another platform to Shopify, I’ve set up 301 redirects for the URLs. However, the source URLs end with a trailing slash (e.g., ‘domain/tycner/’). Since Shopify doesn’t allow trailing slashes at the end of URLs, I’m concerned whether this might impact the ranking of the URLs. Is there a way to address this?

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I don't think trailing slash makes a difference SEO wise. But if the url structure is completely different, I highly suggest you signup to Google Search Console or use Google's Change of Address tool.

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Shopify automatically handles trailing slashes by redirecting URLs with a trailing slash to the corresponding URL without it.


This should not negatively impact your SEO or rankings.


Just ensure that your 301 redirects are correctly set up from the old URLs to the new Shopify URLs without trailing slashes.


If you encounter any issues, you can use Shopify's URL redirect feature to manually ensure all old URLs properly redirect to the new format.