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Create your own influencer marketing strategy.

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Hi guys my name is Jarod Steffes. I own a creative social & digital marekting agency called Viewtop Media. We do social media marketing for several clietns and have a lot of success with Facebook Ads. Some totally get facebook ads and some of you get completely lost. 

We have developed a new strategy for business owners to create their OWN influencer marketing strategies. So we made an eBook. Basically, we teach a step-by-step process to creating your own Facebook Fan Page to help sell your products. The eBook teached you how to grow these Facebook pages, for less than $5 a day, to reach 100,000 to millions of viewers for LESS than a penny per view. Yes, LESS than $0.01. Use the eBook to help build up your current brands Facebook page, help sell a product, etc. the options are endless. We've had over 10 small business owners buy our eBook and we have a rating of 9.5/10 for the value.

Jay - "10/10 perfect for small business ecommerce owners looking to start a new strategy to sell their products."

Aiden "10/10. I already knew some things about Facebook ads, but this strategy will help impliment new strategies to reach millions of people for LESS than $0.01 like Jarod said. 

Emmanuel - "You weren't kidding, this is literally a step by step breakdown. It's effortless to follow along!!"


Our eBook is just $99. Jam packed with 30 pages of amazing value to growing a new Facebook Page audience to help sell your ecommerce business. PLUS as an added bonus we added a 15 page strategy to creating look-a-like audiences based on who view the pages posts all over the world, to then target down to your selling country to target a more powerful selling audience. Overall, reach millions of new potential niche related audience for your ecommerce business with a new page using our strategy. Then using the viewers to create a look-a-like niche related audience to sell to. Powerful stuff.

If this sounds interesting to you. Please don't hesitate to email me: / jarod steffes AT gmail DOT com. Or message me on facebook: @jarodsteffes for faster communication so you can get the eBook sooner and started asap.


Thanks for reading!



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Hi Jarod, 


Sounds like you've got a lot of experience with influencer marketing! Just wanted to drop in to recommend an app that can assist with your clients' influencer marketing campaigns. Carro is free to use and helps to identify the influencers that already have a connection to the brand. It can really simplify the search for new influencers to work with. 


Hope you're able to use it with your clients to make influencer marketing even more efficient!