Creating a blog on my coming soon page for SEO reasons

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In a few month I will launch my first store on Shopify, which will sell a high ticket furniture items. In the meantime, I wish to start improving my SEO by creating a coming soon page with a blog.

I was wandering if anyone did it before, did it really create any value?

Also, can anyone recommend on a guide that helps understanding the importance of a blog to my SEO results?


Many thanks


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IMO the best ecom/content setup would leverage the interplay between the products, site architecture and the content, so just a blog is a weaker proposition by itself.  I guess you could start a blog and run it inside of  Shopify, leave the rest of the site blank and sort out the shop later. I dunno I think you'd really want to know what you were doing with SEO to run with this, probably better for most people to just get the shop up and running, blog later.

Not too many in-depth resources I've come across for ecommerce content/seo marketing specifically. But this vid by Siege Media is a nice intro, Ross knows his stuff:

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Hey @Etayshaul, I do not know of anyone creating a blog on a Coming Soon page, but I think it is a great idea and definitely worth a shot. 

I agree with @KieranR that a blog without products and site architecture would come across as a weaker proposition at first. However, having content on your site that is relevant will help Google recognize the site's expertise in your field and will improve your ranking in the long run. 

Our Director of E-commerce at Go Fish Digital wrote an article on Search Engine Land about Blogging for Shopify, which you may find helpful: 

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