Creating a Newsletter Sign Up Landing Page

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I recently migrated my site from Wordpress to Shopify and I don't see a way to create a landing page for newsletter sign up. I don't want to send people to my home page and make them search for the sign up. It should be an easy process by using a clean landing page like I was able to make in Wordpress (ie no header, footer or menus - just logo and the sign up). 


(Please don't suggest what I need to offer to get people to sign up, that is not my question.) 


I'm looking specifically for how to create a landing page or an app that will allow me to do this. 


If it doesn't exist, I strongly suggest to Shopify that they make this possible as their competitors do.

Thank you.

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Hello @rachelep ,

You can create a landing page as per you wordpress site, without the header and footer.

I will highly recommend you to get in touch with shopify expert or you can reach out to me on my email:

Meanwhile, can you share the landing page of your store so I can have a look.


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Hello, Ms. Rachel

To create a landing page on your Shopify store, all you have to do is integrate a CRM Platform and design the landing page.

Do you know how to integrate apps into your Shopify Store?

If this works, kindly give it a like or mark it as a solution but if it doesn't, kindly reach out to me