Creating discount code: why can't I do it for over 100 skus

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I can't seem to create the promotional code for more than 100 skus. This message appears when I do:

There is 1 error with this discount:

  • Exceeded maximum number of selected items allowed (maximum is 100)

But I have almost 150 styles.... and I can't promote them?!

Any ideas, free app ideas, ways to go around it?

Thanks in advance,



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Hi, AM


This sounds rather odd, as it is possible to apply a discount code to more than 100 SKUS. 

Would you be able to reach out to our support so we can look into your store for you?

In the meantime, you could try creating the discount code for the entire order, or perhaps you can create a collection for all of your products, then apply the discount code to that specific collection. An easy way to bring all of your products into a collection is to set the condition to 'product price is greater than 0'. 

Here's the direct link to get in touch with our support: We're available 24/7.

Hope this helps!

Stephanie | Shopify Support
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this happen for me too,

get any solutions?

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Shopify - have you released a fix for discounting over 100 variants? 

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I can confirm that I hit the same limitation when creating discounts through the API. I get an error if the entitled_product_ids contains more than 100 products. The only workaround at the moment is, as @Elle_old suggested, to add products to a collection and then restrict the discount code to the selected collection.

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Hey there,


Did anyone find a solution to this? As I've only got gift-card products in my shop, I can only use product specific discounts. But the 100 limitation is a blocker, as I can't apply the discount to all my products.


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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They have no solutions, what I did is create a collection. And make the
discount specific to that collection
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Thank you for your reply. I'm afraid it won't work in my case, as discounts applied to collections don't work if the products are gift cards 😞


Do you know of any other way, in which I could give a discount to a defined customer group for orders made up exclusively of gift cards?

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I am having the same issue. 


This is definitely something we need a solution for asap.


Edit: why is there no option to simply exclude items? I had to literally check my entire inventory just to exclude 80 or so product variants..


Edit Edit: here is a work around at least for me having to exclude items, hopefully this helps you guys.