Creating new site on Shopify - currently down due to malware

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Hello - I currently have a Wordpress site hosted on Hostgator but it is down due to malware (Japanese keyword injector). Hostgator won't out site up until I pay to have malware removed (about $850). My first thought was to just walk away and create new site on Shopify (I don'y need the customer data) but I am concerned that Google may blacklist since the site is currently indexed showing the malware.

My question is - if I closed Hostgator account and create same site from scratch on Shopify, is there a risk with SEO and Google? Thank you.


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The longer you wait to correct the issue (whether with Hostgator or to move to a new host) the more of a likelihood of having it negatively effect your ranking and Google indexing. So the sooner you can make the transition the better.

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