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Hi Shopify Members! I launched my site a week ago 


I wanted your input on sales. We are getting sales thru offline marketing tactics. But online not really. We have done influencer marketing with influencers over 1M followers, social media ads and etc. But something seems like its not adding up. Can you guys give me some input? Maybe its the site? Marketing tactics? Thank You

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The first thing I noticed was the bar at the top that says "You're out of time! Checkout now or pay full price" If I were a consumer on your site, that would turn me away quite quickly. Why would I buy from a site that's saying I ran out of time? it feel unwelcoming and as if I, your customer, did something wrong. I'm not an expert on website design but from a consumer point of view, I highly dislike that portion of your site. I really do like the rest of your site though!

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Hi there,

I agree with Sydney, I don't like these banners forcing me to buy immediately. Moreover, I don't believe them as it's usually just a cheap marketing tactic.

However, I like your website design, there are just a few details you could fix to improve the customer experience:

If I try to scroll down your homepage, some of the pictures are moving and some of them are not. I'm sure I'm not the only one getting a headache when seeing this. Sometimes less is more and your website doesn't need this, it's better to keep it nice and clean.

For the same reason, I'd remove the pictures from your Instagram at the bottom of your page. You don't need your website visitors to go checking your IG, you need them to stay on your website and buy something.

Your Contact and About us page are good, there's everything you need to make your customer trust you. It's also great that you have FAQs, I guess people are very curious about how the everlasting roses work.

There's just some example text in your Caring Guide and Shipping & Delivery sections (please check the screenshot attached).

I don't know what are your marketing strategies but your products are quite expensive and luxury so remarketing could work great for you. People usually need more time for decisions before buying a product and you might find useful to remind them of your store with personalized ads. Our app ROI Hunter Easy can help you with the setup.

Here you can find some more tips on how to improve customers experience and convert your traffic into sales.

I hope it helps, good luck!


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Hello  Diamondbox  , your site is looking very nice. Can you explain which advertising campaign you ran to get traffic?

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wow I think your website is beautiful!!  only that when I *AM* in terested, the products are not clickble for some reason, so I couldnt get more details.


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