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Hi, im looking for some help please


We have high traffic coming into our website, but a really low conversion rate. I seem to have hit a brick wall with it though, and cant work out whats going wrong & why the traffic is not converting.


Ive tried to get agency help, but for a small business the prices they are quoting are ridiculous 


Can anyone give me some tips, advice etc? My website is


Google analytics is another language and I am struggling with it also 😞 

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I am no marketing expert, but if you are struggling to convert people who view your site, you could add a plugin where customers can talk to you if they have questions. I bet you would learn a lot just by talking to the customers directly. 


This app is free and allows prospective customers to ask questions like they are talking to a personal shopper: 


This app has some free plans but offers text based chat. 

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You should use a heatmap tool like HotJar that records visitors and then go from there. See the recordings find where the customer are lacking and improve that area. You should be good and this is the bottom line to start off with.


Apart from this as other user suggested, get a live chat plugin to help the users on the go, Tidio Chat on Shopify Marketplace is a good one to start off.


If not, you can also get a CRO Audit done for your store. It is good, can be helpful for your store as well.

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