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Customer Attribution using Subscription Apps (Bold or Recharge)

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Has anyone figured out how to handle customer attribution in Shopify when using a third party subscription processor? It's my understanding that since Shopify uses a last touch customer attribution model, we are losing all our of UTM params when customers checkout through 3rd party apps. 

Conversions tracked through marketing are non existent, and our referrer URLs are often NULL, which I believe means Shopify thinks orders are direct.

GA gives our company a rough idea, but we want to tie attribution at the user level.

Any help would be much appreciated. 


I've looked into Segment, Littledata & a few other options but I cant seem to find anyone who has solved this, which seems crazy to me. 



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I've seen many people have this same exact issue when it comes to last-touch attribution. For this there are a couple of things that can be done:

1) Set it so that a conversion that occurs from this 3rd party app is set as a instead of just another touchpoint.

2) Another thing you can try and do is change the attribution algorithm you use. Linear touch and time decay attribution both offer a better way of understanding the full journey of your customers (I should know since this is what I do for ThoughtMetric). It is also the way a lot of the marketing industry is headed towards.