Data Sharing - Error When Selecting Maximum or Enhanced

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This seems to be an open question for a few people.


The solution for this could be on the Facebook side or the Shopify side. I've reviewed all data sharing and Facebook setup documentation in help and messaged in the community without finding a solution.



We are adding Facebook as a Sales channel to our Shopify store, but we've run into an error that triggers a message that tells us to contact Shopify Customer Support. Usually this is straightforward.


Using the Sales Channels > Facebook > Facebook Marketing setup wizard, we've successfully connected the following: A Facebook account Business manager Verified Domain A Facebook page


When we reach the "Data Sharing" step we toggle Data Sharing ON and attempt to select either ENHANCED or MAXIMUM options we're given an error and told to contact support. The Conservative option is accepted.


We would like to select Maximum data sharing, however it is not clear what is required to enable this. The error message isn't descriptive, it only says to contact support.



Has anyone else encountered this limitation — if so, how did you solve it?


My theory is that there's a dependency on another data sharing setting in the store: perhaps limit data sharing preferences toggle, but I have not confirmed yet. Also a theory this has something to do with a setting on the FB side, but unsure what that would be.


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I am also experiencing the same problem. Did you manage to resolve it?



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Have you found any solution to this?

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This appears to be a permissions setting. In Shopify, if logged in as a User or collaborating via a Partners account, be sure to check the box for "Manage and install apps and channels." Having singular access to the sales channel/app will not be sufficient and will result in the error alert about data sharing. In Facebook Business you will need access to Data Sources in Events Manager to select the correct pixel ID.