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Day 3, still no sales. Getting Nervous

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Hello. I launched my store 3 days ago, I've spent over $15 on facebook advertising, after watching countless tutorials. I only get 20 - 30 website visits a day, and not one user has even added an item to their cart. Is there something I'm doing wrong? How can I get my actual first sale?

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Hello Don! 

Kassey here from the Shopify Guru Team! It can be tough to see sales coming in the first week - most of the time it will take a little longer to drive traffic and build a customer base. We do have some great resources to help you accomplish that conversion you're looking for! I would recommend checking out these blog posts:

I would also suggest checking out the app, Kit! Kit is basically like a virtual marketing assistant that works with your Shopify store to create Facebook Ads and help with traffic and conversion. We have an awesome article about Kit here and be sure to check out the app itself on the Kit App Page from the Shopify App Store.

I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions - be sure to reach out to Shopify support!

Kassey S
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Karlie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Don, 

Congrats on starting your store. I’ll begin by saying that it’s too soon to lose hope. You’ve just started and selling online  is not a game for faint hearts. I had a look at your website and it’s really well designed. Although I would have loved to read a bit more about you in the ‘About Us’ section. That would have helped with trust building. Google also rewards websites for an ‘About Us’ section. 

Now coming to your Ad. What objective have you set for your ads? Is it conversion? In the beginning, it’s always better to start with ‘Awareness’. Once you’ve run the awareness ad for sometime, you can move to the ‘conversions’ ads. 

Also, what’s the CTR of your Ads? If you’re getting visits, but no add to cart, then there could be a mismatch between the ad and the final product. It’s possible that what you’re potentially buyers are hoping to see and are actually seeing are not the same and that’s why there is no purchase. What are you actually offering in your ads? And what’s the landing page? Best conversions happen when there is an absolute consistency in what you’ve advertised and what a buyer finally sees when she clicks on an ad. That’s why advertisers invest in landing pages. 

So, for instance, when we, at OrangeTwig run ads for our Insta-Success toolkit (one of our many features), the ad doesn’t click through to our website. It clicks through to a landing page - InstaSuccess ToolKit - which just talks about our instagram marketing features. 

Remember one thing while running ads, the most important thing is to get the audience right. If your audience is right, only then will you see some conversions. Without the right audience, you can have the prettiest creative with the best copy and you’ll still see low conversions.

There are three ways of defining / getting audience - customize, share, retarget.

In customize, you create an audience based on demography, interest, location, etc. This is what you’re doing. I think this is the toughest to get right. Your niche has to be extremely specific and defined for this.

The second one is sharing audience. Works really well. For this all you need to do is find partners who are selling complimentary items and establish a good enough relation for them to share their Facebook audience. Although it works, finding such partners and working on this collaboration can take a lot of time. For our Ads, we are doing this, but it needs dedicated effort and energy.

The third and I think the best for you in long term is retargeting. This takes effort as well, but the effort is mostly towards driving traffic organically to your website. You need to place a Facebook pixel on your website and then you can run ads specifically for people who visit your website. The best part is that these people have a context. These ads have better conversions.

Social media is one of the best sources of referral traffic to website. Even today. With channels cutting reach. It’s still a good bet. You just have to pick the right channel. And I can see that you’ve already done that. You seem to be doing well on Instagram. I’d suggest that you keep growing it. On Instagram content and hashtags are the way to go. 

For your hashtags, give OrangeTwig’s hashtag research tool a try. You’ll get a list of relevant as well as related hashtags for your niche. Learn more about the tool here

With OrangeTwig, you’ll also be able to make all your posts on Instagram clickable. In Instagram, only one link (in the bio) is clickable. For instance, you’ve placed your shop url. The only problem with having a generic link is that your customers need to go your shop and find the product that they liked. There is no immediate gratification. This leads to lost sales. With clickable link in your bio, you can take your customers to specific products. Immediate gratification will lead to better conversions. And even if a buyer doesn’t buy, you can then retarget these people with Facebook Ads later. Learn more about clickable post here. 

Oh and one more thing that’s crucial for building following is actual interaction. With OrangeTwig, you can comment on relevant Instagram posts as well, but in an extremely efficient manner. Learn more about it here: 

I hope you find some of this helpful. 

- Karan


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Hi Don we can definatly fix this. I think that you might have two problems one the type of ad's that you are running and two your targeted demographic. Would you mind sneding me some of the ad's you've used. I'd love to help

please feel free to contact me via my website