De-indexing issue of .in (cctld) URL in google search engine

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Hello there,

Previously, we were running our website on .com and it was working fine. We were targeting Indian audiences through our .com domain.

Recently, we have created one more website with .in extension and transferred .com content on .in website. Also, we are now targetting Indian audiences with .in website and global audiences with .com website.

We did these changes for two purposes:

To target global audiences with a separate site.
To add separate currency for both Indian (Rupees) and global (Dollar) audiences.

Currently, our .com url is indexed in Google searches globally, hence we added automatic redirection on .com website to .in website, whenever someone open .com site from Indian IP. We did this to index our .in site for organic searches ranking. 

Now, we are facing indexing issue as after redirection, our .in website is not indexing in google search engine. Can someone please help on this issue? Is automatic redirection an issue?

Please suggest! 

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