Decline in Facebook Ads

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Wondering if anyone else has seen a massive decline in their FB ads this month.... wondering if because of the iOS update?

I finally had ads mostly figured out and was getting there... and then May hit and everything went downhill... and it keeps getting worse.

A budget of $85 was getting 6k-19k reach and now its estimating only 2k.... I can't justify spending $85 for 2000 people... and its not just a specific ad...

I can create a new ad with a broad audience ect and having the same estimates. CPM is way to high, was usually around 8-12$ and now is over $22+

I am feeling like smashing my head against a wall at the moment, all my profit has gone out the window due to FB ad ands trying to find success in them...

Any advice or anything would be appreciated.



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Hi @GaryBusey1,

The iOS changes have huge impact on the performance of the ads. 

I would try different marketing objectives, different optimization, ad copies... I think you will need to test what works and what not after the changes.

By the way, if your sales depend on Facebook Ads a lot, I would also try looking for another marketing channel - how about your SEO, another social media, email marketing or else? 

Send me a link to your store to and I'll help you out.
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Hi there, 

I'm a qualified Facebook ads manager.  Changes to Facebook's algorithm have certainly altered performance across many accounts. For the accounts I manager, May has been the best month by far since the first major changes in January.

Have you put Facebook's recommendations for their new measuring tool, AEM?  Is your domain verified and is CAPI all set up?

For accounts where I saw performance decline dramatically, I rebuilt campaigns, rebuilt lookalike audiences and have started testing again.   I have found the CPMs for all my lookalike audiences have increased, but broad and interest based audiences are proving cost effective. 

I do hope this helps. Good luck!