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Deeply Frustrated - Zero non-family sales

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I have put in a lot of work on my site iiwiiyolo Clothing and have done what I think is appropriate SEO optimization. I have alt text on all images, I have product descriptions that include keywords, many are long tail keywords. I have modified pricing and have added some, albeit not a lot of blog content. I post 2-3 times per day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. I have leveraged Kit and have done of my own ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as AdWords. All of this and much much more and non-family sales. 

My daily traffic is sub 100. Not sure if my product designs suck or if my pricing is too high or if the site sucks. I know there isn't a magic answer that will suddenly open the flood gates but I need a little guidance on what I am doing wrong or perhaps what I am missing

Thank you in advance for being delicately honest. 

Feedback is a gift and I will accept it


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Hi Charles ! 

My name is Fred and I am Shopify Expert. Let me share with you my 2 cents ( disclaimer : I have designed/developped more than 500+ Shopify stores to date for my clients ).

 The main issue I see with your website is a very poor website design and branding. It looks like you have used a free theme and uploaded just a few products. This unfortunately doesn't make the store look professional. It's ok to have few items, it's just a matter of using the right website design (which in your case would be a custom landing page - showcasing the products you have).

Do you have any budget at all for your store design ? What about having some Instagram influencers model your shirts ?

Feel free to get back to me and I will do my best to help you !


All the best -

Fred Hedbeek  - Shopify Guides available on

Fred Hedbeek - Shopify Expert - Get my Shopify Guides on
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Participate in discussion forums in your product niche and answer questions with a link to your website on your signature. Sponsor bloggers on tumblr and influencers on instagram. Post massively on IG. Hope that helps!

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Hi Charles,

The reason you are not getting any non-family sales can be a lot to do with TRUST. 

100 people that are coming to your website daily does not trust you to buy a product straightaway.

Maybe you should start building trust and get your message of "You only live once" across before asking for a purchase. You can do it through a series of blog posts targeting the long tail keyword "you only live once". 

You can also create a lead magnet (a small pdf) related to "You Only Live Once" message to giveaway on your site in exchange for an email address. 

This list of email addresses of people will convert at a much higher rate than some people randomly coming to your website through ads.

If you want any further guidnace on how to execute all of this, feel free to email me at


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Thank you for this feedback. I have been posting 2-3 times a day on IG, Twitter and Facebook. The following is growing albeit very very slowly. 

I will try engaging in forums and groups as well

Thank you again


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Thank you for the info. I am not sure that I am following you when you say a lead magnet. Do you have an example?


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Hi Charles,

A lead magnet is a small pdf that you give away for free in exchange for an email address of any visitor to your website.

But why do you put in the effort to create a pdf to give away in exchange for email addresses?

Because, email has the highest engagement rate and conversion than any other medium including fb ads etc.

In addition to that not everyone will buy from you the first time they land on your website. So you want to keep in touch with those people and pitch them when they are ready to buy.



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Hi Charles,

Couple things to consider doing:

  • Delay the email pop-up. Realistically, no one is going to sign up for it without having had a chance to look around first
  • I find your prices to be a little high for what you are offering.
  • Consider using less “red” colors for your button/text. Colors incite different actions, and red is typically known for errors/problems, so it may deter visitors from certain actions on your store.
  • Your “Sale Items” link is broken
  • If you’re going to list a blog section, you should try to update it more frequently.

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Hello, Charles,


I checked your website  and this is what I believe can help you out! 

1.- You might try change the theme is not a 2017 look!

2.- Please add some trust seals you can download the "guaranteed safe checkout " banner anywhere from the internet that includes the SSL and others. and ask your developer to included in the cart and in the product detail page. 

3.- I cliked on one of the collections and the shirt was 3 clicks away, I think is too far, better have the collections as a menu and put the products like a gallery manner at the beginning so If i like a shirt that shirt is right on the next page and not 2 clicks away. 

4.- Try to find where your customers hang out! what they do , who they admire, and try some facebooks ads with those interest. I hope this helps 🙂



Yalilee Cavazos, MSc.
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Before you start a business, you need to ask yourself these questions.

1. Why am I starting this business? To solve a problem? To serve the underserved? To improve something existing?

2. What am I good at that will contribute to this business? Are you an expert in a skill or field of knowledge that makes you better equipped to make This Thing than most anyone else? Or do you have a unique vision and enough capital to get other experts to make This Thing for you? 

3. Why should anyone care about my business? How is your product strictly better than something else out there? Is it cheaper? Is it higher quality? Is it more unique? Is it more virtuous (recycled, proceeds support a cause, fair trade, etc. etc.)

Here's me doing my best to answer these questions for you as delicately honestly as I can, just based on your site.

1. T-shirts have a low barrier to entry (not that expensive to produce for an entrepreneur on a budget) and you are a hobbyist designer who has fun making things and figures he can make a buck at the same time.

2. The artwork is not unique or high quality enough to compete in an extremely saturated market, and there is no other competitive advantage (the fit is unremarkable and the price is relatively high for something you can get at Walmart). To compete in shirts you are going to need amazing artwork unless you find another benefit to differentiate you (donation on purchase, recycled content, etc.).

3. You need an amazing product, but you also need an amazing story and cohesive brand. What do Spartans have to do with basketball, or Coffee and Books and Rain? What is your story? Again, why are you starting this business? People like to know what your outlook is, and "cool stuff" is just too general.

Marketing can't save a business that is not marketable. I would go back to the basics and define your vision before you try to sell it.

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We were in the top 6% of stores launched the same week in sales, and our traffic was (and is) below the 100 per day mark. But we made numerous sales. We did not install a ton of apps, that slow the site down, and confuse a visitor. We didn't waste time posting to a lot of social media (to be honest, after more than 20 years on the Internet, the only real traffic site we use for ads is Facebook, the rest simply don't deliver for us).

The key for us was targeting the audience we used on Facebook (and we have a rather limited niche, so that helps).

As for email address collection, it can help to build a list, and we decided to go with Fishbowl - a simple giveaway contest that collects emails (yes, there's an app for that). In two days we had over 100 email addresses and by the end of the contest we should easily reach 500 (again, in a very limited niche). 

We will follow those up with a discount code (and make it worth using, like 15-20%).

The key is persistence. We did lots wrong in the first week, learned and adjusted. 

One of the biggest factors is providing customer service that is solid. Let's face it, people can buy most of the stuff sold in Shopify stores elsewhere, and sometimes for less. But, do they get good customer service? 

We provide live chat and have actually turned a lost sale into a $100+ sale by simply being there to assist the customer. The vast majority of our reviews are about our customer service. That, for us, has been the cornerstone of our business.

Hope this helps you.


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I think your brand name is really bad and no one says yolo anymore. 

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Hi Charles, 

My first impression:

1) website clearly looks outdated.. sorry.. but it does... Try to change colour scheme or better get a new theme which looks cool and trendy and don't change anything there yourself:)

2) I didn't really get who is your target audience and who do you sell to? What's the age/gender of your customer? What do they like? What do they get from buying your T-shirts? Are they going to look cooler/trendy/funny/young? Try to ask yourself who is your client and what does he/she wants/likes - it really helps to sort the website and marketing strategy out. 

3) As soon as you understand who is your target client is - please add the banner on the main page.. Cool guys/girls/women/men/whoever else wearing your clothes.. you must have a banner or at least a few lifestyle photos on the main page showing how cool people look wearing your product. You are not selling T-shirts, you are selling dream/lifestyle/confidence etc so please demonstrate it to customers.

4)  there are a lot of the same items on the same collection page but they are different colours... it makes it overloaded and not professionally made. Why wouldn't you just put the same item under one listing and create variants with different colours? 

5) Try to think about better structure for website. Mabe change to Men and Women sections rather than types of T-shirts? It makes more sense. 

6) get more interesting designs of T-shirts rather than more colour variations. People buy T-shirt because it has something cool on it. not because it's red or blue. So more cool interesting designs, but less colour variations. 

Hope it helps

And good luck! We are on shopify for 3 years and few months ago we hit 1million turnover 🙂

So you'll definitely get there, it just takes time and it's a lot of work.. 

Hanna Putjato 

Follow us on instagram @london_lash_pro  🙂 


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Personally I don't care for your designs, they don't speak to me, but that's just my opinion. I do think it would be better to just have one listing for each design in each category, with color swatches and/or multiple pictures of the different options in that one listing, rather than a separate listing for every color of every design. It feels overwhelming and spammy, and encourages skimming.

I personally am not a fan of your shop name either, I prefer something clear and simple, not something I have to try and work out what it means. It reminds me of sitting behind a customized license plate at the stoplight.

Also, just because you say your shirts are "super cool" doesn't make it so. That's your own opinion, and it's heavily subjective. Don't tell us your stuff is super cool, SHOW us it is. What makes it cool? Original designs? High quality tees? Special printing process? Green company? Made in the US? Show us why we should choose your tees over the millions of others (cheaper) on the market. Then encourage us to buy with fast shipping and painless returns.

In clothing, it's important to understand you're not just selling skin coverings, you're selling a lifestyle. People use their clothing to express themselves, their individual style and where they fit into society and the world. Check out the big clothing brands and you'll see what I mean. Depending on who you're looking at you'll see: hipster, chic, edgy, boho, modern, classic, grungy, beachy, etc. They're also usually targeting a certain age group or other demographic. You'll also see that ALL of them have at least a few images of their clothes being modeled by cool people who embody the image they're selling. You need to figure out who you're selling to and show some of your shirts being modeled by people that embody that lifestyle. I would also suggest taking that lifestyle and running with it throughout your site, reflecting it in any stock images you choose, fonts, colors, etc. Right now your website's a bit boring and a little dated with the flecked paper background. Checking out Instagram for inspiration would probably be time well spent.  Good luck!

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I've got a similar issue like Charles. My online store has been running for a while now, but not much traffic or sales. I use Facebook and Instagram, (@girlwithlenses_ on insta and Girl With Lenses  on FB) and we get a lot of interaction on there, but no sales. 

Not sure what I'm doing wrong but do really need some advice. 


Many Thanks!

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Hi Charles, 

I opened a Shopify site in late 2016 selling my own designed high-end silk printed goods- luxury 
pillows, women’s clothing and scarves. 
I make around 100-120 sales per month, averaging around $90 per sale with no spending whatsoever on Google ads. My visits are, like yours, normally under 100 per day.  However my presence on social media is strong and sustained and I have big photos on my website to draw people in.  

For me the problem is the website. It looks too old-school. I don't get it. There are so many great Shopify themes that would allow you to add big pictures and engaging content for under $200. Try changing theme to something more fashion and lifestyle oriented like Alchemy, Testament or Startup. If you look at enough examples and have great eye catching photography of people you should see improvement. You need to invest.

Good luck! 


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Hi would really appreciate some help also 

My website is 

I get the most minimul traffic to my site and just woundering how i can improve on sales etc currently i have some cheaper hats on my website but in the next week i have a premium range dropping that will hopefully boost sales please can someone give me some advice thanks alot jordan james 

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Hi Charles,

It doesn't happen like with all such work you'll be on top. You already did I believe 50% of work. Now, it's turn to drive traffic and this thing will tell Google that your website is actually have visitors. To have a good ranking on Google it matters:

1. On site optimization

2. Traffic

3. Backlinks.


I've ran my own experiments and Google does a good job with that.

Facebook Ads, Google Adwords & Google Analytics - my passion and that's what I can help you with right now.
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