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Desperately Need Marketing

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Ive built several businesses but advertising has always been a gamble. I need a marketer thats going to promote the products well generate sales and take a huge cut at the end of the day. I plan on working with an individual I know in a few weeks who's built his store too 20k a month with fb ads. I need a marketer or team who can do this for me. 


Email me

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Dear Chris,

We would be very happy to handle this for you. We specialize in Facebook advertising, SEO & Marketing Shopify stores and are a long established partner. Please see our website for more.

Kind regards

Jo Verified Shopify Experts
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HI there,

I'd also like to throw my hat in the ring - I work directly and on a deep level with a small number of carefully chosen clients.  I have a marketing-focused MBA as well as experience in corporate eCommerce environments, start-ups, eCommerce marketing agencies and as an entrepreneur myself.

I have a results-orientation, I follow through, I meet deadlines and I deliver solutions to business problems and challenges.  I am a full-stack digital marketer with additional skills such as product sourcing, website and customer analytics and more.

I would welcome the chance to speak with you about your business and your goals for such an arrangement.




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Hi there,

Unfortunately, there's no silver bullet. This is the most critical part of the business so I don't think you can completely outsource this.

As a store owner and an app developer, I would recommend that you be hands on with you marketing management and then think of outsourcing buckets with measurable targets.

To give you a concrete example - think of your marketing mix as a combination of these:

  • Organic SEO - how are you doing? what are your current numbers and set target. You definitely need to understand your measurement tools so you can check your analytics. With this in mind, allocate a budget and outsource. Budget should depend upon how viable a source of traffic SEO can be for your niche and products.
  • Ads: Subdivide ads into Search & Social (or any other type that may be relevant for your niche/products e.g. video or banner ads). Further, divide into retargetting VS new customer acquisition. Measure your CAC (Customer acquisition cost) for each of these channels separately - or ask your marketing person to provide you a detailed breakdown of this. Then adjust ad spend accordingly.
  • Organic Social: This takes time to pick up and like content marketing/blogging, this pays in the long term. However, it's a lot easier than blogging and can be the cheapest source of traffic, if you do it right. The great news is it can be mostly automated these days. You should also allocate a budget to this category and plan to build a longer term presence.

For Organic social media, consider trying OrangeTwig. It automates all your social media posting needs, has very sales focused features like Daily Deals and Product Sales, automates all your occasion based posting needs - all in professional & beautifully designed templates. It's cheap at $10/mo approx. Starts with a free trial.Take a look:



Karan Jassar
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Hey guys if you are looking for more free information on digital marketing checkout my facebook page I have done a few million on online sales over the last few years and don't charge anything for my content. I got fed up with all of these coaches scamming you guys for $5000 for a program that "makes you money" so I decided I will post all of my knowledge for free for you guys! My back ends are all on shopify and I show all of my numbers! Hopefully this helps!

You guys are buying programs from people who haven't done anything. They don't show you thier numbers or anything all they do is rent a lambo and air bnb a house... Check out my page im just starting it up and will be posting daily if all goes well! 

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Try this new tool:

Sell on Messenger by OrangeTwig

As most sellers are not using it just now (it's really new!), and it is a novel experience for buyers, at this point it can be very powerful for you.

What it basically does is - Creates social media posts for you. When someone comments on these posts it targets them via messenger personally, showing a product, asking them to buy, offering an exclusive coupon code.

So this really pushes sales for you! Even with a small no. of followers you benefit as they convert into buyers.

Sign up for this now and be one of the first to use it: Sell on Messenger by OrangeTwig

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Can't agree more with Karan. You need to be in control of all the advertising and maybe get help with specific tasks here and there. I can speak from experience, since I'm the creative type and after making my designs, thought I'll save money and will hire an agency to do the advertising for me. Guess what I got ripped off badly by on the surface reputable company called Madwire. They took my 2K and didn't do a thing all month long, besides a hideous banner. I had to beg them to do just paid FB ads, but they didn't do even that. So, my advice will be go to or and start learning slowly. As Karan mentioned there's no "silver bullet", it's trial&error most of the time. Creating a Social Media Advertising Plan is also a very good idea. Google this term and you'll come up wiht cool templates. This is also a good site with lot's of useful info

Best of luck with your new online biz,