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Did I mess up my FB Pixel?

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Hello People!


Here my issue with FB. I am a beginner with FB Ads and all I am trying is to get to know the functions.


Around a month ago I placed an order (2 times) on my website which obviously has been registered by my pixel. In setting up the Ad set I can choose what my ad should be optimized for by choosing a pixel event. I selected purchase. Daily Ad set budget is 30€/d.


Fb estimates the following: No detailed targeting, Region Worldwide


Did I mess up the pixel with the purchases? How is this possible. I started the ad yesterday, no purchases yet. I think that's solid conversion rate if it would happen... .


Today, I checked again the setting in my ad set and it shows less than 10 conversions? Now, This is more what I expected, but why did it change?


Thanks a lot!



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It is just an estimation of daily results. Perhaps you had more purchase events come through to the pixel to re-calibrate its estimates. Budget and audience changes also affect the estimates.

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