Did I mess up my Pixel? 5200 clicks, 1.8% ATC, 0 sales

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I launched site site a few days ago. When I created my first FB campaign. I think I made some errors.


I set a the objective for 'traffic', worldwide target audience and simply selected interests. I set a budget of 45 euro/day. Nearly all my traffic was from Africa and Asia and really bad traffic. Just judging by the questions I got asked I knew this. 


After a day or running my FB ad, more URL got banned because I used bit.ly in my instagram bio. I got it unbanned within 24 hours. Then I restarted my campaign...


Now I changed the objective to conversions, setting the event to add to cart. Then I changed the countries to only larger countries with ePacket shipping. The stupid questions from customers suddenly went away.


Then I read something else and changed the conversion event to browse content to give my pixel more data. So I did this.


To date I've spent 100 euro, I have 152,000 Ad impressions resulting in 5200 ad clicks. That's around 3.5%, which I thought was ok. However, on site my add to cart ratio is 1.8%. I feel this is very bad.


My question is, have I messed up my pixel by changing setting in the beginning too much? Should I delete the pixel and start fresh? 

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No you didn't "mess up the pixel".


There's no such thing. I know what you are thinking tho, you've just read a lot of stupid crap about the pixel.


Pixel is a line of code that relays data from the website back to ads manager, nothing else. You've also only spent a few euros.


I'm not exactly sure why you think that you messed up big time. You've sent a lot of low-quality traffic to your store and now you have low add to cart ratio. That's to be expected. You just start over and run more tests.


If your stats are bad then you also have to troubleshoot your products, product pages, and everything else. Ads are rarely the main issue.