Did you try any content marketing strategy?

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We are developing a new marketing app for Facebook ad targeting. Basically, it allows you to retarget visitors by

1. Sharing content like news from 3rd party sites with our short links, say recipe sites if you are selling food.

2. You can set the custom audience with our generated links

3. When the link is clicked, the visitor can be retargeted as your custom audience. So you can build up your customer base before spending a big budget on ad

Does it sound convincing for you? Anyone interested in having a free trial?

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If not going well, there are many content marketing strategies that you can follow to help your business grow.

There are some important factors that every content marketing strategy should have - 

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Ready for changes
  • Content creation strategy

And many other factors depended upon the objective and the process of going towards it.

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