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Difference in Preferences and Google Title Description & Meta Description

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My Shopify Title and Meta Description differs to what can actually be seen on Google. Please could I have some assistance with how to update it?

I did a little research and saw that it may be to do with Google deeming the latter to be a better fit, however it seems unusual in this instance. My brand name is also duplicated in the title, which I ideally would like to fix as soon as possible.

I am using theme minimal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!Google meta & description.JPGShopify Preferences.JPG


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Hi @ringswithgrace

You're right, it's up to Google's hand which Meta description is shown to users in SERP since they explicitly say in various official documents that they will use what they think is helpful to audience, so the meta description can either be what you write in the meta description box, or an excerpt from your page. 

Regarding the title tag, I'd advise you to submit the page to Google Search Console for re-indexing so that the new title can be updated quicker. 

Screenshot - 2021-02-07T210827.545.png

Let me know if my answer is of any help. Cheers

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Hi @PageFly-Victor 

Thanks so much - I have resubmitted to Search Console so fingers crossed that updates!

Thank you so much for your help!