Different order confirmation email for pre-orders

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I’m using the Timesact plug-in to offer pre-orders via my store. I’m hoping to find a way to send different order confirmation emails to customers who order instantly-shipped products vs. customers who order things that will be shipped at a later date.

A Shopify rep told me I wouldn’t be able to achieve this using the code editor for confirmation emails because the email sends before the Timesact plug-in adds a ‘pre-order’ tag to the order, and that’s the variable I was using to trigger the differing email body copy.

So I’m reaching out to the Shopify community to ask: is it possible to send different confirmation emails based on order type, in particular when the order type is managed through a third-party plug-in?

Much gratitude!

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Hi, @TMUK16 


I’ve never used Timesact products before, but after reading the requirements you described, I think it can be realized. You expect to send emails to users through order transformation, then read the status of email changes, so trigger the process of sending emails is your further requirement.


It is recommended that you use the QuickCEP plug-in, which includes the function of sending emails. You can customize the process of some order changes and automatically send emails to customers.


If you don't know how to use it yourself, there will be personnel service to help you configure it after you register. The only thing you need to do is to describe your needs clearly.

I think you can give it a try.


Hope this can help you out and good luck

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