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Fundamentally, my business is a streetstyle apparel brand. What differentiates my brand? Nothing, to be honest. It's a brand, the same way Off-White, Spiritual Gangster, Free City, etc. are brands. Yes, one may say they're into Yoga, or whatever else, but at heart, they're basic clothing brands that have become trendy. I'd like to differentiate my brand, but I'm not sure it's even possible. I can say I'm a parkour brands, but nothing about my brand is specific to that sub-niche, even if I put parkour photos on the website, or find a .parkour influencer. How do I differentiate my brand? Any help is truly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hey, that's a good question. All brands should ask the same question. The concept Brand is very broad and is personal to the user, because you generate a brand in their minds. This is affected by many things, i.e.: products, logo, slogan, design, your style, the way you communicate... and basically the way your brand connects with anybody in any form.

I know this might sound very general, but a brand is not done from one day to the other and to create a brands takes time. You will have to think very broadly and about any aspect that connect you with your customer and for any of those things, find something that make you different. Either is there already or you will have to make it. Key is that you keep your brand/messages consistent in any place.

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