Difficulty: High- Connecting Shopify Product Feed to FB Business WITHOUT using 'Facebook Channel'

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This is a very difficult problem that nobody online seems to be able to figure out. Hopefully you can!

We cannot using Facebook's Commerce platform since we sell alcohol. So we cannot list products for sale on our FB Page or IG Profile. We can still run FB and IG Advertisements. To run FB Dynamic Ads (The ones where you can see and purchase products directly in an Advertisement), we need to connect our Shopify product database to FB Ads WITHOUT connecting to FB's Commerce platform.

Is there any way to feed our product data into Facebook, without using Shopify and Facebook's Channel connection setup? This automatically requires connection to FB Commerce.

There are hundreds (thousands?) of shopify retailers that cannot sell directly on FB or IG, but can still run advertisments. This is a huge loss if us Shopify store owners who are in this position!

Hopefully there are some creative people in this forum that have figured out how to do this!

Looking forward to someone's reply.

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