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Discount code on Cart page

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Do you know Showing a Coupon code field only on your cart page can reduce your cart conversion rate?

When your customers see a coupon code field on your cart but can't find a coupon, they are highly likely to abandon their cart. 

That's why stores with high conversion rate shows selected coupons so that the customers can easily select a valid coupon to get the discount.

It immensely helps to boost your sales by improving both your conversion rate and AOV.

Here's a Shopify app which helps you do exactly that: Voila - Coupon Discount on Cart.

With this, you can:

i) Show the apply coupon field on your Cart.

ii) Create a link to a pop-up showing selected coupon codes.













Any feedback/suggestion on this?


Voila - Show Selected Coupons on Cart
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