Discount Codes that do not apply to Sale items

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Shopify need to create an option where you can create a discount code that only applies to Full-Price items and not items that have a Compare Price. 

Shopify what are solutions? 

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Hi Jay,

We are currently looking into integrating a discount code feature that would allow discount codes to only apply to regular price products. I fully agree with you this type of automation would make life easier 🙂

Take a look at this forum post which explains the current work around:

The forum post discusses using an automatic collection for products set to compared price $0.00, another suggestion would be to use a tags in a similar way and creating an automatic collection to apply the discount code. Both these methods would involve manually editing your products to save time you can use the Bulk editor:

Hope this helps, reach out to our support team if you would like clarification 🙂


Jen | Shopify 
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We are currently looking into integrating a discount code feature that would allow discount codes to only apply to regular price products.

Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but is this feature close to being implemented?


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I don't think it's even on their short list. It has been requeted thousands of time - but I guess for some reason (probably something political or financial) Shopify does't seem to want to offer this feature.

Maybe they still consider if it would should be part of the expensive plan - making us on the 'basic' plan left without the feature.

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So i worked out a solution that worked for me (depends on your set up)

Create a collection for full priced products with compare at price equal to zero

full price promo set up conditions.jpg

I excluded any products I needed  to exclude  and made the collection available (can be hidden by having no links to it in your navigation)

Then I created a discount with % off that applies to the specific collection I created, in my case a collection called "Full price products"discount collection conditions.jpg 

and once they have entered the discount code at checkout the discount appears. 

Hope that helps someone with the same issue

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Hi @Jay_Robinson !


What you can do is create a collection with all your full priced items. 


All full price items should have a tag let's say "fullprice".


Once you put this item for sale, remove the tag from the product information. 


Then, apply the discount code only to the Full-priced items collection and you're good to go.


Hope this helps.