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I have a shop in which I have two language versions. They appear not in a subdomain, but in a folder. So the second language version is in this form address.shop/de

I have noticed that something is wrong. I checked myself how the meta title and meta description of the DE version are indexed by the site parameter in google, and I was shown the description and title in English. Although on the site itself everything is well done, because I checked the source and the meta data are completed in German, so correctly. Where can this inaccuracy come from, can it be changed in some way?




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Check for the hreflang.

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But the hreflang are correctly set.

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Hey Medpak,


I noticed that Google has indexed the pages in English, even though the current page titles are German.

I think this happened because when Google crawled your site, the pages were not translated yet.

You need to get Google to come back and re-crawl all german pages, that should fix the issue.


To help with crawling, you can add an HTML sitemap to the footer as well.


HREFLANG tag looks correct to me.


Hope that helps 🙂 

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