Display upsells in the shopping cart drawer on a 2nd column

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Hello everyone, 

I'm contacting you because I've tested almost all the plugins in the shopify store and haven't found any that give me what I'm looking for.

I'm currently using the dawn theme from shopify.

I would like to get this kind of result below (on desktop):
- either a shopping cart drawer with both sales booster like the progress bar to get free shipping / free products + (and especially) a column on the left to display product suggestions for upsells.

Capture d’écran 2024-01-06 à 14.19.32.png

All the plugins I've found display upsells at the bottom and not on the left.

I would have preferred a plugin because I'm not comfortable getting my hands into the code.

By any chance, does anyone have an idea or a solution to suggest?

Thank you very much for your help 

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