Does anyone know about TRS, EDm, CRM for website optimization?

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I am being solicited by shopify experts saying that I need to optimize my website (bbbeautysupply&  by setting up TRS (traffice retention system) and Retention System, EDm (electtonic direct marketing), CRM (customer relationshop management) and a few others.


Have anyone ever heard of these strategies and if so, can you refer me to an expert in this area.  I don't trust the sites that I'm getting to my email and they don't seem legit to me.


Please help if you can.  My sales have complete halt.




BB Beauty Supply

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We are looking into Klaviyo for setting up flows but its not super cheap. Shopify should have a Forms app and email app which you can do some stuff natively and for no extra charge. You probably want to automate some flows such as abandoned cart, abandoned checkout and a welcome flow at minimum and go from there. Also add a 10% off opt in type form somewhere on your site and collect the email/name/phone # and then use those flows to reach out to your customers and have them keep doing that automatically so you hopefully get more orders over time with little to no extra effort after you properly set them up. Hope that helps.