Does Anyone Really Make the Sale? Or Are We All Just the Same?

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So, you ran with great enthusiasm at your startup for your shopify store. Watched all the online videos. Spent hours building your facebook, twitter, and instagram presence. Started running Facebook adds and driving traffic to your store. You've SEO'd, CEO'd and ran yourself out of O's and yet, still you can't seem to get even one sale. What's the deal? Is it because with hundreds of Shopify stores out there and the market being flooded with people showing off their fancy cars (rented!) and telling you how you can be running a store doing thousands of dollars in sales A DAY, and its supper easy! All you have to do is load up a store with products, send traffic to it and voila! Is the market just to flooded with to many sites of a different color selling the same dropshipped products to the next guy. I mean how many bulldog necklaces can you really sell? Besides, aren't those available on Amazon.

The more people learn about the ease of using things like Oberlo and the one and only dropshipping choice we can really seem to find. Who's name I dont even have to mention because we all use it. Is the range of possibilty narrowing to the point of no return?...pun intended. Ya sure, a few of us might make it to the big time with some great self made content, and piercingly targeted ads and a whole bank account of money. But I don't see the real results from more than few. Is there room for 20,000 of us to sell and make a living or are we just fooling ourselves? People seem to talk a big game but when you get a glimpse of thier dashboards the numbers don't say much. Contrary to the tone of this post, I believe it can be done. What's your story? Talk amongst yourselves 🙂

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Very Provocative and thought provoking.  As a new store owner, I’m looking forward to the responses.

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Hi Alex,

really good point. let me share my story.

I have been in Shopify for a year. I had 11 sales so far on my shopify store 🙂 From Facebook I got circa 25 sales. I am paying for my accountant 40$/ month; for shopify 14$ (really basic plan), for my bank account 15$. These are my monthly fix loss, and I have not mentioned the facebook Ads. Sometimes those campaign are working sometimes not. The last one for example did not... spent only 20$. I have no money for google ads. I was speaking with a google ADS guy, who said I should spend 150$ / day. I said wtf dude, I have not seen that kind of money every in my life...

So every month I have -100$ and from the past 3 months (January, February, March) my income was 10$ (on today) wuhuu 🙂

Does it worth? I don't know. From the past 12 months i made 1000$ and I had about 2500$ loss, so from this point of view it is not.

Should i have a new niche? possibly 😄 but i am working on it.

Now if i look back i started from nothing, without money etc etc, and now i have my accountant, 1 year accounting, 1 year experience and 1 year shopify management  skill (so cool 😉 )

To get a new product for sale maybe could do the job, and if not i should skip it and get another one.

If it would be so easy to get rich just from the first niche then we should play lottery 🙂 But you know what? we are doing. We are doing our way and it is better than just sitting in front of the tv.


Sorry for the long story but If i were you I would watch some TEDX video, or visit some local guy who are presenting some online webshop marketing ceo seo etc "training" or presentation. You can have some meetup or social networking and get some inspiration. Get out from this bad mood, however these are really interesting questions 🙂


It was good to write it out from me. I was thinking to close my shop from the past weeks, but you know what? I will give another chance and another niche and another year. Be proud because you are part of something, part of the online business. You have to work hard. 




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I feel the same and think that the whole aliexpress/shopify/facebook thing isnt NEAR as profitable as the youtube videos emply. I started my store to suppliment my income and have NO delusions that its going to take some time to build up a home business. I have taken care of all of the legal aspects, and plan on purchasing product direct from wholesalers, then selling it on my shopify store directly to the buyer. I am currently using the dropship method just to get the ball rolling, as I have no extra cash for capitol. I havent launched my site yet, but I have been building it for a week now. The problem I find is that aliexpress is just a platform accesible to the public, and there are thousands of people on Aliexpress running scams or at the least not TRUE Wholesalers, most vendors are NOT selling at true wholesale prices. I can easily find a lot of the same items online and available directly to the public at the same price I am buying it for on Aliexpress. Also A LOT of ebay stores are offering the same products at the same prices Im buying them for on Aliexpress.  

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To be honest to get the legal aspect for me took a long time (in Europe). I am legal to get products from china and i can sell them in my country ( i have to pay the taxes before i get the products it means i have to pay of the duty things the postage and the products)

After them i can start the facebook campaign, set up the store things and postage the products. Kinda weird but that is.

for the drop shipping stuffs. The sellers on alibaba and aliexpress are not $tupid. They are selling on small quantity also for everyone. Somebody can wait 1 month somebody not. If you have enough capital you can invest on bigger pack but maybe you will fail to sell out.

the best thing to be enterprenuer. 😕

(with some capital)


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I don't pretend to make money out of my shop. at the moment I am even. I expect to make money:) though. I believe that you cannot make money buy cheap Chinese and less so in future. People are fed up with this stuff and get fed up more over time.

What you can do however, is to take all your knowledge you've learded with setting up the shop and starting a new one and try to sell something unique. Somethign wich you make or your family or friends or something else, but real stuff instead of junk. Just my 5 cents.

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This is exactly the story of my life. But, i am now entering my 5 month in shopify. Over all i just made 4 sale in the past. Its heart breaking but i am still pushing and pursuing. My freelancer seo lady that i pay monthly told me to hold on to it. Since it takes a while to rank in google and soon when my shop is more longer the more it would be profitable. I do not know how sure this is. I also thought about shopify or youtuber that talks about shopify is using actors and actresses so people can def join shopify and create their shop. I know shopify makes alot from us but it is really frustrating when evwry single day is just passing without a single sale! I do not know what else to do even though u have optimized everything ur store, tried fb & google ads and also hired almost everyone in fiverr just to make a sale. Lol...



pls, can someone would say to me , to hang on or to quit. Any advice will be appreciated ?
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My advice, stop the marketing and loose any tools or monthly garbage shopify is bilking you for.  No AdWords either...that cheap never pays off.

Specialize in something and stop trying to be another aliexpress or walmart.  Google loves backlinks and sites that are truly about a certain category not random junk.  Some people open fake sites just promote the real one they own with links and praise.  Don't pay anyone to do SEO.  Just think of ways to say your product and put that in your meta data.  The search engines will find you. Trust me.  The way I advertised 4 years ago was to send faxes to every hospital and clinic I could find in the US.  I searched for websites then dug thru and copied fax numbers into a spreadsheet.  I had thousands in a few weeks.  Then I would sign up for Internet fax accounts and use the free trial days to send my one or two page fax to my growing contact list.  Send 1000 or 2000 faxes in 5 minutes. Cancel the account and find another.  I might get one or maybe two new direct visitors from a few thousand faxes.   Then I would search on Google or Yahoo for my product category then check out the top listings sites.  I would view their html and copy their keywords and seo.  It took a few months plus adding backlinks where ever I could, but I was very quickly on Google's number 1 to number 3 listing for my products.  I also had my own website not shopify.  I am using shopify now because I am lazy.....and my site crashed and I had to find something quick. 

When I first started out I didn't have a sale for about a month. Then I had 1 sale, and then another a few days later.  I was so excited, I thought I was gonna be  Bill Gates rich.  Then nothing for 2 months.  I was tripping out.  I actually started thinking those first sales were fake.  Then it just picked up, and quick to, then I had 1 a week, then 2, then 3.  Then I raised prices and it stopped.  Then it came back.  That was 4 years ago. 

My total startup cost was $300.  $300 for a hostgator account and getting the shopping cart installed.  In 4 years I've made over $100,000.00 . 


Yes I made my own product but that's the same as a niche.  Try selling just camping equipment or fish tanks, or knives, or pillows like body pillows or medical pillows and maybe have a hand-made section and some how-to.  The how to make a pillow text is great for search engine rankings.  Those will come the more your store looks like a website.  Loose the marketing crap, it only goes to pay off the marketing departments bar tab.

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I am writing this on my phone. So forgive the formatting..

Dude, I just went to your site.  First. Do you go to your store and check it? The black Friday image is to large for my phone, so I only saw BLA FRI

THEN. Loose the ships from drop down box you have on some of your items.  Change the layout.  People don't buy a jacket off the landing page, not Americans anyway, not usually. If people are gonna breakout CC numbers they do it where they feel safe.  Maybe add some categories and put your products in them.  Take people on a tour of your site, like when you meet a girl and take her home.  You don't throw her on the bed right away at the first step into your house...well, .sometimes you do, but that's another post.  Make the site easy to navigate- and loose the Chinese irrelevant data about the product (Decoration:  Pattern Type:  Closure Type: Zipper??????  Item Type?????  First comrade, that kind of meta data about the product is usually in a lot smaller font, if at all, but it's never bolded.  And you have zero uniformity.  Some things are capitalized somet of the time, sometimes not.  Oh and Dude. Warm it up a little.  You're trying to convince someone to take out their credit card and type in those digits to buy that thing.  I get the feeling that you don't want to be 15 feet near that item, why would someone want to buy it if your description is so cold and removed from it. 

Are you feeling me?  Are you picking up, what I'm putting down?? Sell it to them.  Don't just throw a catalog at them.  That's why Google crawls your site and puts it at the bottom of the list.  Fire the seo lady.  In fact. Get your money back!!  Remeber that people like to be made comfortable and feel in control.  Honestly, most people are sheep.  They follow and don't like unfamiliar things.  They like what they know and what's familiar.  Bold the stuff they need to see.  Make smaller and off to the side the stuff they don't.  Rewrite these first year English descriptions.  Come up with something more personal for your naming convention other than .ITEM TYPE: 

And loose the every other product being on Sale.  Here's an idea.  Maybe say something cute like our snowflake sale 15% Off where ever you see a snowflake.  Then just put a little snowflake image somewhere nearby.  I don't know. That's just a thought.  

Good luck. 

Screw Black friday unless you have a physical store.  What about Cyber Monday??? We are online aren't we??

Good luck



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What a reply man hats off

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This is, HANDS DOWN, the most honest, straight forward answer I've gotten in re shopify lack of sales.  You have me a lot to think about...I had already closed my shop down, but now...I'm thinking I may give it a chance.