Does embedding shoppable influencer videos on webstore improve conversions?

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I'm running an apparel store. I wanted to understand if embeding shoppable videos or ugc galleries on website help in improving conversions and AOV?

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Just make sure the embedded video doesn't slow down the website.

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Hello Sknz,


Thanks for reaching out to the community!


Yes, embedding shoppable videos can significantly help the website improve the conversion rate of the website.


Well, visual learners comprise over 65% of the total population, which suggests that more than 65% of your visitors prefer visuals, like images or videos, over textual content. 


Additionally, the shoppable videos are highly informative, and interactive, and streamline the customer journey by providing every required information to the visitors. This enhances the engagement of the visitors with the website and encourages them to buy the products by providing all the relevant information about the product.


The videos can also act as product tutorials and showcase why the offered products are unique and why the customers should consider buying them.


However, ensure that these videos do not impact the speed of the website.


Hope it helped!


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yes absolutely. just a few pointers to consider...


  1. Buddy Up with the Right Influencers: First things first, choose influencers who vibe with your brand and speak to the same crowd you're targeting. You want that genuine connection between the influencer and your products.

  2. Quality Is Queen (or King): Hey, quality matters! Ask your influencers to whip up some eye-catching, fun, and informative videos. The better the video, the more likely folks will stick around to see what's up.

  3. Show Off Your Stuff: Make sure your influencer showcases your products in a natural way. No one likes it when it feels like a sales pitch. Genuine product love is the way to go!

  4. Point 'Em in the Right Direction: Make it easy for viewers to know where to snag your goodies. Include clear calls-to-action (CTAs) and links to your product pages in the video.