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Does listing on several market places effect SEO in any way?

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Good Evening Folks

We'd like to increase our revenue streams by listing on more market places (Ebay, Amazon, Etsy etc.). 

If we copied and pasted our product descriptions so that they were the same on all listings across all market places (inlucing our own Shopify store) would this negatively impact on our SEO or ranking in any way? 

I recall reading somewhere about repeated contect being a bad thing and on one of the market places, it does say that your product description should be different to your online store. Is this really the case?

Any advice greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks. 


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Yes & No. And it can be avoided.

Google guidelines for duplicate content:

How to avoid it then:


The simpler way is to create separate content for your online store and marketplaces can be clubbed into one. By this way your chances of getting the wrath of Google's crawler nullified. 


You can use canonical tags (rel=canonical) to avoid the content duplicacy.

You can further signal Google about the importance of pages on your site by using a sitemap. By indicating priority and update rate, you can help Google make more informed choices on how often to crawl your content. A sitemap also is helpful for sites with dynamic content, such as marketplaces where listings are user-generated. New listings are immediately reflected in the sitemap, increasing the likelihood they will be added to the search index sooner rather than later.

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