Does Shopify have the feature to create product comparison pages?

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Does Shopify have the feature to create product comparison pages like the screenshot below? Can you share the examples if it does




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As far as I know there is no such default feature, but it can be achieved by custom coding or by using apps. See the apps here:

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Hey there Mariqua,


Shopify does support the creation of product comparison pages, either through custom development or by using third-party apps available in the Shopify App Store. These apps or custom features can allow customers to compare different products on various parameters such as price, features, reviews, and more, similar to the screenshot you've provided.


To implement a comparison feature like the one in your screenshot, there are three common ways that you can consider:

  • Use a Comparison App: Look for apps in the Shopify App Store that offer product comparison features. Apps like 'Product Compare' or 'Compare It!' can provide this functionality.
  • Custom Development: If you have specific needs or want a tailored design, you might consider contact directly to our Shopify developers who can create a custom comparison page for you. This would involve coding a new page template that allows customers to select and compare products.
  • Themes with Built-In Comparison Features: Some Shopify themes might come with built-in features for product comparison. You would need to check the theme's documentation or reach out to the theme developer for details.


Examples of such comparison pages are generally showcased in the app listings in the Shopify App Store, or you could find them on the demo sites for themes that support this feature. If you're using an app, they often provide a demo or live preview to see the feature in action.


I recommend visiting the Shopify App Store and searching for "product comparison" to find apps that offer this feature and provide examples of how it looks and functions.

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