Does Shopify Metafields negatively influence the SEO performance

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Hi community, 


We are about to make use the shopify metafield, as before we were using an external app. I was wondering if there are any negative influence on the SEO performance if we reflect all the metafield data in the SEO. 

thanks for your feedback.


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Hi @roundabout ,


It shouldn't be a problem. As per the official documentation, there are only 2 metafields that affect the SEO in Shopify:


The rest of the metafields won't affect your website's SEO (at least, they shouldn't).

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Metafields are just a feature. The data can be entirely hidden from the user and Google resulting in no impact. It depends what you put in there and how you use it with your theme. It can be another source of content that gets crawled, indexed, and affects rankings.

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Hi @roundabout,


it depends on how you want to use metafields in your theme. You can save additional information to metafields and display them e.g. on product pages. In this scenario, the information in the metafield will get crawled. 


However, if you save some information in metafield and don't show it on any pages (and only use it for some backend reasons) that it shouldn't influence SEO performance (again depends on how you will use it).

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